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Heat pumps extract thermal energy from a variety of renewable sources, including the air, earth or water, and upgrade it to a higher, more useful temperature. If the heat source for the system is the air then it is known as an air source heat pump. The use of heat pumps can lead to savings on fossil fuels and a subsequent reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases.

Air source heat pumps supply more useful energy than they consume. By extracting heat from the surrounding air, the heat energy released can be up to 5 times, the energy required to power the equipment. An air source heat pump system consists of a compressor and a carefully matched evaporator coil and heat exchanger. A refrigerant liquid which circulates within the system has a boiling point as low as minus 40°C and evaporates when absorbing heat from the outside air. It is possible to extract considerable heat from the air at temperatures as low as minus 15°C. The resulting refrigerant gas is then compressed adding more heat energy and raising its temperature to around 75°C.

The cycle is reversible for the provision of cooling into the space, i.e. the refrigerant liquid which circulates within the system evaporates when absorbing heat from the air within the space. The resulting refrigerant gas is then compressed adding more heat energy and raising its temperature to around 75°C and heat is exhausted to the atmosphere via the air-cooled condensers.

This system process can be used to provide space heating through underfloor heating utilising heat pump boilers located internally or by heating the air using fan coil systems. Consideration would have to be given to noise generation from the externally mounted condensing units and the final plant and equipment selection will need to incorporate noise attenuation where necessary to ensure any planning conditions stipulating external noise levels are not exceeded and the system operation does not cause nuisance to adjacent buildings (including nearby residential properties).

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This question would depend entirely on the design temperature of the system. If you have a radiator system, and the system has been designed on a mean water temperature of 70°C, then the short answer is no. A direct replacement would not be possible, without diminishing the effectiveness of your heating system.

If you have underfloor heating throughout however, then the answer is provisionally yes. This is because underfloor heating systems are designed to lower mean water temperatures than radiator systems.


Our team will take care of the heat pump scheme from concept to installation. We will ensure that the correct contract is selected, variations do not occur and that the project meets the budget effectively.

With JPA M&E Consultants, you can be sure that quality will be maintained throughout the contract period. We will update you, as the client, with fortnightly updates on each of the projects with expected monthly costs and risks.


Our goal is to be recognised for our elite service within the M&E Engineering industry. We are accomplishing this through hard work, and great care for our Clients.

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Our M&E Consultant team self manage both themselves, and the project. No longer will you need to request drawings packages, and be left disappointed in client meetings. We manage ourselves in meetings, sitting on your side of the table commercially, and we deliver in successful fashion.

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All of our engineers are experienced individuals in MEP design, with an array of varied sector experience.

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Unlike a large majority of consultancies, we meet our deadlines. We provide realistic dates and we issue on time.

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Our MEP Engineers are dedicated professionals who are always looking to ensure the more sustainable solutions are used. We make cost and energy comparisons against different solutions to ensure our chosen design, is the most efficient, sustainable design.

Attention to detail

We do not provide high level designs at RIBA Stage 4 and allow our designs to be interpreted, we ensure that the detail is on the drawing for the M&E contractor.


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Energy Performance Certificates are required for both commercial and domestic applications for sale or rent. Energy Performance Certificates can only be produced by Qualified Energy Assessors. Our in house assessors can turn EPCs round in quick fashion, with next day delivery service available at an extra cost.