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A unique M&E Engineering Consultant practice with highly experienced Building Services Engineers and Energy Consultants, dedicated to providing Clients with detailed MEP designs and a responsive service.
Regional offices located in London, Newcastle & Edinburgh.

ENERGY Consultancy - Bristol

Contact us to find out how we can help you with Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) Consultancy and Energy Consultancy services in the Bristol region.


We are JPA M&E Consultants, a Building Services Engineering Consultancy operating out of the United Kingdom. Our team of highly experienced Building Services Engineers started this practice to give our Clientele a unique service. We work closely with M&E Contractors and Developers to bring an overall package to the project. The service we provide is favorable to M&E Contractors and Clients alike, as we are responsive, self-managed, and caring about our MEP Consultancy work. We have regional offices within London, Edinburgh, and Newcastle to assist us in covering all regions.

Internally, we have an array of Low Carbon Design Consultants, Environmental Advisors, Energy Efficiency Consultants. The engineers are all professionally accredited in their fields and are focused on providing low carbon solutions, energy savings, and cost savings for every project. We internally review each project at the start, and throughout the design period to ensure the most value for money solution is achieved.

We use IESVE to run our DESM Simulations and Energy Models. This software allows us to open up various possibilities and interrogate the model closely, with exact usage profiles input for accurate results.


We cover a range of building services consultancy services and energy consultancy services in each region. Spending time with our clients is something we pride ourselves on. Our approach and values are what make our service unique and appreciated. We offer fast turnaround services to clients who wish it so and we listen to the feedback provided. Similarly, our fees are reasonable in comparison to typical consultancy norms. 

Each office has an in-depth technical service department to answer your queries and provide free advice on your project. 

We have provided consultancy services to various blue-chip clients and MEP Contractors in a range of different sectors. Not only are we experienced in this manner, but we are dedicated to our roles. 

REGIONAL CONTACTS | | t: 020 3488 9547

Energy and Sustainability Consultancy Services

Low to zero carbon energy statements

Our internal level 5 energy assessors are competent in simulating various low carbon energy scenarios so that you, the client can be professionally advised on the most value for money solution.

Energy Performance Certificates

Our MEP Team can attend site and lodge Energy Performance Certifies for your project, from all over the nation.

Zero Carbon Solutions

We take great pleasure and pride on proposing Zero carbon solutions. We are committed to the cause. As experienced Passivhaus Consultants & Low Carbon Energy Assessors, we can provide you with various options and details on how to reach your zero carbon target.

BREEAM & Sustainability standards

Out internal level 5 energy assessors are competent in simulating various low carbon energy scenarios so that you, the client can be professionally advised on the most value for money solution.

Energy Cost Models

Using IESVE, we can accurately simulate your property and gauge annual costs, as well as provide you with options for reducing your costs annually and detailing payback periods. We will put all our findings in a tidy report for you to consider.

Heat Pump Design

As experienced MEP Consultants, we can provide you with the most energy efficient option for your homes or commercial property, utilising various types of heat pumps.


See some examples of Energy Consultancy services provided in Bristol and surrounding areas here.

The MEP Consultancy Team here at JPA are highly experienced in a wide variety of sectors and project values. Therefore our early consultancy advice could be the difference in saving thousands through value engineered solutions and experienced decisions.


See our full list of MEP & Energy Consultancy Services we can provide you with in Bristol below. 

There may be some services that you require which may not be on the list shown, please do get in touch with those and we may be able to carry these out. If we are not suitable for these services, we have close relationships with trustworthy M&E Contractors therefore we can make recommendations. 

Please note, that we do provide EPCs in every location. However if we think we cannot be competitive with Energy Performance Certificates (which is very common given that local businesses can have lower overheads), we will notify you and make a recommendation.





Energy Performance Certificates are required for both commercial and domestic applications for sale or rent. Energy Performance Certificates can only be produced by Qualified Energy Assessors. Our in house assessors can turn EPCs round in quick fashion, with next day delivery service available at an extra cost.