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M&E Condition Reports


We are a unique Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) Consultants practice with Regional Offices in London Edinburgh & Newcastle, providing bespoke MEP Design Solutions, Energy Performance Certificates and Building Physics. Our M&E design engineers started this practice to give our Clients a unique service, looking for value engineered solutions where possible, dedicated to our clients needs.

Our Team are self-managed, reliable and deliver on time.

MEP Condition Reports

M&E Condition Reports are used to identify areas in the building that are due for replacement, or due for replacement soon. A good M&E Condition report will;

  • Comment on the current effectiveness of the plant,
  • Compare the date of installation against the CIBSE Guide M tables for typical plant replacement requirements,
  • Identify Areas of corrosion
  • Identify areas of system malfunction
  • Comment on the size of the plant and pipework
  • Evaluate M&E test certificates 
  • Tabulate photographic evidence of defects
  • Provide a clear summary of required action
  • Provide indicative budget costs for replacements and option appraisals. 

MEP Feasibility Reports

The summary of the MEP Condition Report shall outline the requirements for the next stages, this can then be used as a project feasibility to ensure all costs are captured within the budget. Items in the MEP Condition Report will be highlighted as urgent, unsafe or simply as a warning for future. As the Client, you can then decide which items of plant or systems need replacing immediately, and which items can be shelved until an appropriate budget is acquired.

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Energy Performance Certificates are required for both commercial and domestic applications for sale or rent. Energy Performance Certificates can only be produced by Qualified Energy Assessors. Our in house assessors can turn EPCs round in quick fashion, with next day delivery service available at an extra cost.