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Our Typical M&E Consultant Fees

We are JPA M&E Consultants, a Building Services Engineering Consultancy operating in the United Kingdom. Our team of highly experienced Building Services Engineers started this practice to give our Clientele a unique MEP Design service. We work closely with M&E Contractors and Developers to bring an overall package to the project. The service we provide is favorable to M&E Contractors and Clients alike, as we are responsive, self-managed, and caring about our MEP Consultancy work. We have regional offices within London, Edinburgh, and Newcastle to assist us in covering M&E Consultancy in all regions. In a bid to help those in the industry further, we have published our typical M&E Consultant fees for projects based on the M&E Project Value, in the below table. 


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Contact us to find out how we can help you with Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) Consultancy services – Mechanical Design Engineering, Electrical Design Engineering and Public Health Design Engineering.

We cover a range of building services consultancy services and energy consultancy services in each region. Spending time with our clients is something we pride ourselves on. Our approach and values are what make our service unique and appreciated. We offer fast turnaround services to clients who wish it so and we listen to the feedback provided. Similarly, our fees are reasonable in comparison to typical consultancy norms

Each office has an in-depth technical service department to answer your queries and provide free advice on your project. 

We have provided consultancy services to various blue-chip clients and MEP Contractors in a range of different sectors. Not only are we experienced in this manner, but we are dedicated to our roles. 

Typical M&E Consultant Fee STANDARD TABLE

In a bid to help those in the industry further, we have published our typical standard consultancy fees for projects based on the M&E Project Value, in the below table. 

We have also given some hourly rates for those who wish to price this separately.

We hope that the below table of Consultancy fees helps Clients, Quantity Surveyors, Contractors, and Estimators alike with budgetary costs. 

Every project is different however, some are more complex than others. The below table is simply an average of our Typical M&E Consultant fees on previous projects. Please do get in contact if you wish for us to formalise a quotation.

M&E Fee PercentagesRIBA 0-7 (Traditional Contract)RIBA 4-7 (Design and Build Contract)RIBA 0-7 (Performance Duties)
M&E ValueNormal ServicesContractor DesignPerformance Design
Up to 50k5.5%4.5%3.25%
Hourly Rates
RoleHourly Rate
Senior Design Engineers£65
Design Engineers£55
Technical Assistant£35
Exemplar Fees
MEP Budget ValueNormal ServicesContractor DesignPerformance Design
unique management



Our M&E Consultant team self manage both themselves, and the project. No longer will you need to request drawings packages, and be left disappointed in client meetings. We manage ourselves in meetings, sitting on your side of the table commercially, and we deliver in successful fashion.

experienceD ENGINEERS

All of our engineers are experienced individuals in MEP design, with an array of varied sector experience.

We meet deadlines

Unlike a large majority of consultancies, we meet our deadlines. We provide realistic dates and we issue on time.

Sustainable design

Our MEP Engineers are dedicated professionals who are always looking to ensure the more sustainable solutions are used. We make cost and energy comparisons against different solutions to ensure our chosen design, is the most efficient, sustainable design.

Attention to detail

We do not provide high level designs at RIBA Stage 4 and allow our designs to be interpreted, we ensure that the detail is on the drawing for the M&E contractor.


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Energy Performance Certificates are required for both commercial and domestic applications for sale or rent. Energy Performance Certificates can only be produced by Qualified Energy Assessors. Our in house assessors can turn EPCs round in quick fashion, with next day delivery service available at an extra cost.